Friday, 10 July 2015

Book Review: Delirium

'Delirium' by Lauren Oliver

Rating: 3 stars

I fell in love with the concept before I even opened the book. A world where love is deemed so dangerous that it is outlawed. This concept was different - the kind that makes me wish I'd come up with it. 

Granted, I am not much of a romance novel enthusiast. I prefer romance as a sub plot to aid a story rather than being too focal, but I was willing to give this book a try. 

At times the love story felt too typical that it seemed almost as though the dystopian setting was there to support the love story rather than the other way around, and unfortunately I found the love interest rather uninteresting. Both the dystopian setting and love story could have been much stronger and more developed, but I did love looking through the eyes of the protagonist, watching the change in her outlook on life until she can say the dreaded words without fear. 

"I love you."

Delirium deals with more than one form of love, which was a welcome change. But what really kept me reading was the language. The imagry was simple and beautiful. If a bit more depth was added in some ideas, such as how autumn and leaves could reflect how the love interest is a symbol for change, and if some stronger Biblical concepts were worked in, I would have completely fallen in love with Oliver's writing style.

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