Thursday, 29 October 2015

Book Review: The Night Parade

Title: The Night Parade
Author: Kathryn Tanquary
Series: No
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 3 stars
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An ebook copy of this book was provided to me via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

When Saki Yamamoto is dragged off to her grandmother's village for the Obon ceremony she expects to be bored out of her mind. But when she rings the sacred bell a death curse awakens, one that she has three nights to undo. Each night Saki is whisked away to the Night Parade, and with the help of some new spirit friends she must break the curse before it is too late.

The beginning of this book was very slow for me, which I mostly blame on the characters. Saki's speech felt emotionless and all she did was complain which was an annoying start. But once she is immersed in the world of the Night Parade things begin to get more interesting.

This book is clearly aimed at a younger audience, but this does not mean it cannot be enjoyed by all ages. It follows Japanese Buddhist mythology which made the story truly magical and fascinating, even for readers who know little about the culture. With array of spirits I could not help but be reminded of Spirited Away, but the story was individual and followed Saki's journey to become more aware of the world around her and how important it is to protect it. Although the side characters could be more developed, there are plenty of moral lessons and a beautiful world to be immersed in which truly brings out the beauty of the story.

With so many books on Greek mythology like the Percy Jackson series, it can be hard to find stories that follow the mythology of other cultures. Do you have any mythological books or stories that you love? What cultures would you like to read more about?

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