Friday, 16 December 2016

Underrated Middle Grade Books You Need to Read

In England we don't really have such thing as a middle grade, but there are some books from my early teens that were way too good (and sometimes even a little dark) to be classified as kids books. A lot of these books were by British authors and I don't think half of them got the attention they deserved. Here are 10 of my personal favourite Middle Grades that you may have never heard of, but definitely need to read - no matter how old you are.

1. Aggie Lichen: Pilp Collector by Debra J. Edwards
Badass tooth fairy kids trying to solve a mystery whilst facing a potential war between the mythical species.

2. Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer
A child genius discovers fairies exist and tries to con them out of their money.

3. Thirteen Treasures by Michelle Harrison
A girl with the 'sight' visits her grandmother's house and gets wrapped up in a mystery of girl who vanished in the woods 50 years before - one her grandmother refuses to speak of.

4. The Tail of Emily Windsnap by Liz Kessler
A girl discovers that when she comes into extended contact with water she grows a mermaid tail, and goes on a hunt to find out her past.

5. The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer
Twins fall into their grandmother's book of fairytales and go on the hunt for items to fulfil a spell that can get them back home.

6. Inkheart by Cornelia Funke
The daughter of a book binder discovers that her father can bring fictional characters literally to life by reading books aloud.

7. The Companions Quartet by Julia Golding
Mythical creatures continue to reside in a quiet costal town, protected by an ancient society that must face a dark force that threatens their future.

8. Flood Child by Emily Diamand
In 2216, most of England is under water, plagued by pirates who threaten war, but one girl finds a valuable object from many years ago that has the potential to change the game.

9. The Shapeshifter by Ali Sparkes
A boy discovers he can shapeshift into a fox, and is hunted down by a government official that wants to whisk him off to a special school, and a journalist who suspects there's more to him than it seems.

10. Jane Blonde by Jill Marshall
Claiming to be her godmother, a vibrant woman introduces Janey to her heritage - she comes from a family of spies - and only she can help shut down the development of a sinister project.

Have you heard of any of these books? What stories did you grow up with? Are there any you love that you think are super underrated and need some more bookish appreciation?

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