Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Fictional Couples I Ship

A year ago I wrote a post about fictional couples I just don't ship, but I don't think I ever wrote a post on couples that I do ship. I don't normally like romance stories, and when I do like a fictional pairing, their romance is normally a subplot to the book. I also don't get into fandom or shipping as much as I did when I was in my teens, so I'm not sure I can say I 'ship' anything! But there are a lot of fictional romances that I think are super cute and make me smile a lot, so those are the ones I'm going to be listing today (and there's a lot of them!).

Book Ships

1. Blue and Gansey - The Raven Cycle
It took a little while for me to imagine Blue and Gansey as a couple just because they are so different. But they are both smart and adventurous and kind of quirky, and that combination makes them the perfect couple.

2. Ronan and Adam - The Raven Cycle
As individual characters I love how Ronan and Adam defy everything that is expected of them, and the way they are so careful with one another's feelings is very sweet. Some of Maggie Stiefvater's most stunning writing comes in scenes with these two.

3. Aristotle and Dante - Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe
The way we see this friendship grow over the years in this book is so beautiful, and I love how it is filled with all the imperfections of growing up. The writing of this book made me want to wrap up these characters and take them away with me forever.

4. Levi and Cather - Fangirl
I don't remember much about this relationship, or much about the book if I'm quite honest. But I do know that I loved the book and could relate to Cather so much, and that I found this relationship really sweet.

5. Simon and Baz - Carry On
I love this book, and Simon and Baz are a big part of it. The way that Simon obsesses over Baz and is utterly clueless about his feelings and the way that Baz is seemingly antagonistic but so hopelessly in love with Simon is adorable.

6. Nina and Matthias - Six of Crows
I adored Nina and Matthias, particularly in Crooked Kingdom. Matthias is constantly shocked by how bold Nina is and it's funny and sweet and so clear that they adore each other against their better judgement. 

7. Jesper and Wylan - Six of Crows
These two had such a brilliant dynamic in Crooked Kingdom. They developed so much as characters on their own with (albeit with some slip ups), but they worked well together and were cute in the process.

8. Ollie and Moritz - Because You'll Never Meet Me
I don't even know if I ship these two because I adore their friendship SO MUCH. But I also love romances where the characters start off as friends and if there were to be a third book I would be really happy either way.

9. Simon and Blue - Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda
Another example of where I love a ship because the characters fall in love after being friends. What's even better about Simon and Blue is that they fall in love with each other from the inside out, which is the sweetest.

10. Nick and Charlie - Heartstopper
Alice Oseman's precious webcomic Heartstopper is all about Nick and Charlie, who are side characters in Solitaire. I read all of it in one day and I ended with smiling too much then putting my face into a pillow (I had witnesses that can confirm this).

11. Tori and Milo - Quicksilver
I need to re-read the Ultraviolet duology because I need to refresh my memory. I remember absolutely loving Tori and Milo's friendship and I ended up shipping them because they worked really well together.

12. Tessa and Will and Jem - The Infernal Devices
This was my first ship! Or at least, Tessa and Will was. I couldn't imagine Tessa and Jem in the first book, but by the third book I loved them too. I adored every combination of these three characters and they always break my heart.

13. Magnus and Alec - The Mortal Instruments
This was probably my second ship. I never cared for other couples in The Mortal Instruments but I loved these two. Magnus' flirting and Alec's awkwardness stole my heart from the start, and a lot of my love for this series was because of them.

14. Wolfe and Santi - The Great Library
Wolfe is my favourite character in The Great Library series, and even though his relationship with Santi isn't prominent, whenever it is mentioned I get really happy. They would do anything to protect each other, even if it means risking themselves.

15. Rufus and Mateo - They Both Die at the End
I'm not sure if I can tell the difference between shipping a couple and adoring their friendship. I often find it's a mix of both, and that's definitely the case for Rufus and Mateo, especially because they don't have time to really fall in love.

16. Monty and Percy - The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue
Another friendship turned romace! Almost everything on this list fits that category. Monty and Percy are so clueless about their feelings for one another that it's frustrating, but I love that it took them so long because it really allowed Monty to grow.

17. Danny and Colton - Timekeeper
These two were really cute. They are both precious cinammon rolls and I want these kids to be happy forever, but I am so scared about the second book in case something happens to one of them. I wouldn't be able to deal with the heartbreak.

18. Rhy and Alucard - A Darker Shade of Magic
There is a lot of history between these two that it's impossible not to wonder what happened. These characters are both so confident but some of that confidence vanishes when they are together which makes it clear how strong their feelings are.

19. Enne and Levi - Ace of Shades
I adored Enne and Levi as individual characters, and found myself totally rooting for them as a couple in this book. I love how they are both the opposite of what you expect them to be and how their personalities work so well together because of that.

TV Ships

1. Simon and Kieren - In the Flesh
This show makes me cry because it is so cinematic and beautiful and meaningful. It's dark and tragic but it's about second chances. I love how complex the relationship between Simon and Kieren is because of their different world views.

2. Clarke and Lexa - The 100
I keep forgetting I watch The 100 because I didn't love the last season and it's been so long since it's shown. But I really loved Clarke and Lexa and I wish they had a bigger chance to develop as a couple and within their place in the show.

3. Shaw and Root - Person of Interest
These two women have very complicated moralities that change over time, making them fantastic characters independently and together. Shaw doesn't connect to emotions well, so the way in which she ends up feeling for Root is really powerful.

4. Carter and Reese - Person of Interest
The detective and the vigilante is a classic dynamic. I wouldn't have initially hoped for Carter and Reese to be together, but over time it becomes so clear the impact they've had on one another's lives and how much they mean to one another.

5. Finch and Grace - Person of Interest
Almost every relationship in this series is laced with tragedy, and this one is crushing. Finch fakes his own death to protect his fiance, but he watches out for her to make sure she is safe, and niether of them can truly move on with their lives and it makes me cry.

6. Jake and Amy - Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Jake and Amy are a perfect couple and make me smile a lot. They are total opposites who bicker all the time, but they work brilliantly as a team. I love how they can be so childish around each other and honestly? Relationship goals.

7. Marinette/Ladybug and Adrien/Cat Noir - Miraculous Ladybug
This cartoon about two young superheroes in Paris is too precious for this world. Marinette is in love with her classmate Adrien, and Cat Noir is in love with his partner Ladybug, but they don't know their secret identities so their feelings seem unrequited.

8. Yuri and Victor - Yuri!!! On Ice
These two are so in love with each other and so awkward about it! Yuri is a darling and just doesn't know how to react to his idol flirting with him which is funny and adorable, and Victor is so head-over-heels in love with Yuri and really helps him grow.

9. Wally and Artemis - Young Justice
When I watched Young Justice years ago I was rooting for these two, and when I watched the show again recently I was rooting for them again. They argue like an old married couple but they work so well together.

10. Robin and Starfire - Teen Titans
I didn't expect to find Robin and Starfire as cute as I did. The whole team could see that they liked each other but they were too precious and awkward to admit it to each other, so they spend ages trying to express their feelings.

11. Raven and Beast Boy - Teen Titans
If Teen Titans had continued I would have loved to see if this relationship developed or not. Raven is quiet and a loner and Beast Boy is so loud and goofy so they disagree on a lot, but they also clearly care about each other.

12. Ned and Chuck - Pushing Daisies
It's been years since I've watched Pushing Daisies but it was the cutest show. If Ned ever touched Chuck she would die, but they are so in love that they manage to make their relationship work without touching which was really sweet.

13. Leslie and Ben - Parks and Recreation
There is something so comforting about adult characters who act a bit like children (it makes adulthood seem a bit less scary). Leslie and Ben are so nerdy and perfect for one another, and they were honestly relationship goals.

14. April and Andy - Parks and Recreation
I've seen these two described as 'if a cat and a dog fell in love' and it is so accurate. April is untalkative and likes creepy things and Andy is basically a man-child with the soul of a puppy, and the fact that these total opposites fall in love is adorable.

15. Korra and Asami - Legend of Korra
I couldn't see this ship initially but as they grew closer throughout the seasons I totally did. I love that their relationship came so far from when they first met and I would have loved to have seen where their adventures take them.

16. Willow and Oz - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Willow was probably my favourite Buffy-verse character and I just wanted her to be happy. And then along comes this ray of sunshine called Oz and they made the cutest couple. He gave her a Pez dispenser in the shape of a witch! Too adorable.

17. Willow and Tara - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
It was impossible not to love this witchy couple. Even though TV rules at the time meant they couldn't show much, Willow and Tara's feelings for each other were so clear through the way their eyes would totally light up when together. I cried a lot for these two.

18. Wesley and Fred - Angel
It was obvious almost from the beginning that Wesley and Fred were perfect for one another. They were both incredibly smart and a little awkward, and their relationship was a very slow burn one. They made my heart ache.

What are some of your favourite fictional couples?

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  1. Isn't there such a huge difference between totally being on board with a ship vs. not? And it's strange how different people can come away feeling entirely different about it. I do love a lot of these though, especially the Rainbow Rowell books. I don't know how she does it, but she writes relationships that make me feel stronger than in any other books.

    I'm glad you mentioned Korra and Asami! My whole post today is about their relationship (because I used to be a die-hard Makorra fan and have slowly started to come around, so I felt like I owed them a tribute).

    You can check it out here.

    1. The difference is huge! And I agree it's interesting how people can feel so differently about the same characters. Rainbow Rowell is really good with romantic stories though. I think part of it is because the characters feel so relatable and real.

      Korra and Asami are amazing! I couldn't see it at the beginning but I couldn't see either of them with Mako either (even though I expected that would be what would happen). But they really grew on me and I would have never expected the story to actually go there but I'm so glad it did!

  2. We have some of the same ships in common! I usually don't read romance as a genre, rather when it's more of a subplot too. Nina and Matthias were so adorable and I'm still not over what happened in Crooked Kingdom. The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue was so well-written, the characters were so fantastic! Monty and Percy were just so cute! I can't wait for the sequel, I hope we get to see where our favorite characters are now. Fantastic list! Happy reading!

    Here's my Top Ten Tuesday!

    1. Yeah, for some reason the romance genre never clicked with me, but there are some books with adorable romantic subplots out there! By Crooked Kingdom I was a die-hard fan of Nina and Matthias and that book utterly destroyed me. I'm still not over it either. Monty and Percy were also super cute. Their cluelessness was so frsutrating but I'm glad Monty was able to grow as a character before they worked them as a relationship out. I'm really excited to see what they're up to in book 2. Thanks!

  3. I liked LEvi and Cath a lot, they were fun. and Clexa was great although I'm also a huge Bellarke fan. Robin and Starfire is another great one!

    1. Levi and Cath were super sweet. I used to like Bellarke but Bellamy did some things in season 3 that made me dislike him a lot, and now I have mixed feelings about Clarke, but I can still see it happening. Robin and Starfire are amazing too :)

  4. Ah so many great ships here!
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2018/02/13/top-ten-tuesday-146/