Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Unravel Me // dark, intense, and addictive

Obsessed might be an understatement when it comes to me and this book. Unravel Me was packed with action and so much character development. I'm blinded by my adoration for this series to even acknowledge any flaws so excuse me if I get rambly and incoherent.

I've said it before but it deserves emphasising: the characters are what make me so infatuated with this series. I think I might actually be in deeply in love with two in particular. This is rare for me, people! Mafi moves her characters about like perfect little chess pieces, and I loved looking into their messed up little minds minds.

I've continued to adore Juliette. The extent of her powers are still revealing themselves, but she is so terrified of becoming a monster that she resists them. I liked that her doubt sets back in when she realises not everyone will accept her like Adam does. I don't buy into the idea that a relationship has to have physical intimacy in order to work, but I understand why Juliette starts to pull away from him. All her life she has been taught to keep away from people, and she feels undeserving of the little affection she does receive. Her feelings are intense, but they are very much justified given what she has gone through. And the way the book ended? I can't wait for this girl to be the force of nature she was destined to be.

Juliette starts to identify more with Warner, and I was surprised by how much I liked that. I was also surprised by how much I loved Warner. I cannot forgive him for his actions, but I was fascinated by the layers of his personality. I was so set on despising him, but this book really made me question my own morality. Every interaction he has with Juliette reveals a little more of what made him the person he is. These are two very intense characters who have responded to suffering in different ways. I feel like both Warner and Juliette will become more and more like each other before they truly understand themselves, and I am beyond excited to see their complex dynamic unfold.


YA Romance/Dystopia

Book 2 of 6 in the Shatter Me series

guns, death, blood, torture, violence


  1. Glad you enjoyed this! For me the second book is not as good as the first one, Juliette whines too much here and the character switch between Adam and Warner was too sudden, it doesn't feel believeable.

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress

    1. Thanks, me too! That's fair, this book is very dramatic! Sorry it didn't totally work for you.