Sunday, 29 November 2015

November Favourites

Monthly favourites is where I list the best music, books, and everything else that I have discovered by the end of the month. You now can link your own end of the month updates, lists and catch ups with the link feature at the end of this post to share them with myself and other Bookish blogs and readers.

A Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
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Argh! I can't even describe this book. I couldn't even review it - there is too much to say that I might as well have written an essay (but I'm lazy and I have enough essays for school right now as it is). Dorian is a young man that cannot bare to ever part with his good looks, and wishes to retain his youth at a huge cost. He recieves a painting of himself - one that he soon realises is beginning to age whilst he is not. I wish we were studying this for school, because there is so much to say about it. My second glimpse into the writings of Oscar Wilde and I am not disappointed yet. (Bonus! It's free on the kindle store!)

Arrow and The Flash
I am really excited by the new seasons of both of these shows. I was a little disappointed with the first episode of Arrow this season, but it gets significantly better from then onwards. There seems to be more focus on the individual characters this season besides Oliver, who has clearly changed a great amount since the start of the show. I am also enjoying The Flash more due to it's clearer story arc which was established at the start of the season (whereas with the first season the initial episodes felt like they were testing the waters before the actual storyline could kick off).

My New Story Idea
It's still in it's early stages, but this month I had the sudden inspiration to write something completely different from my typical style. The concept started off as a contemporary with an unbearably awkward protagonist. But I couldn't make her totally ordinary, oh no. I would put the entire fate of the world in her hands.
Imagine total responsibility on the shoulders of a person who can't do the laundry without flooding the house, but by some twist of fate was given super powers. That is my premise. My idea is a lot more satirical than what I normally write, but I'm super (pun intended) excited about it.

Books I have read this November

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