Tuesday, 8 March 2016

TTT // Fictional Characters I'd Willingly Adopt and Protect from Anyone Who Dare Hate On Them

Top 10 Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.
This week I will be listing some characters that are precious and whom I will forever defend.

1. Alec Lightwood
- The Mortal Instruments
Okay, so he's a grump in City of Bones, but he's trying to protect the people he cares about whilst they go rampaging into a war they aren't prepared for. Of course he's going to mistrust any newcomers who are prone to danger - he's protecting his family. He may be a badass demon slayer but he can still very awkward and adorable. I don't care if he's the oldest - he needs a hug and to be wrapped in a blanket.

2. Gansey
- The Raven Cycle
Why do people hate Gansey? He's polite and a gentleman and is like a mother hen when it comes to his friends. Plus I am very worried for his safety at this point in the series. All this time spent protecting his friends and no one is protecting him. #PROTECTGANSEY2K15

3. Piper McLean
- Heroes of Olympus
Honestly, I don't care all that much about Piper's love life, but she's the daughter of the goddess of love, so a little romance is unavoidable. But I hate it when people think that's all to her. She's the head of her cabin and she can take charge if she needs to. Logic isn't the only path, and Piper shows that, especially in the last few books.

4. Celaena Sardothein
- Throne of Glass
Celaena is everything everyone has been asking for in a female character, so how people hate her is beyond me. She's the land's deadliest assassin, skilled beyond any man, and yet she still loves to flirt and wear dresses and do everything that is 'too-girly' for a mainstream 'strong female character'. Writers: we're not looking for physical strength - we're looking for women who are well written and as complex as their male counterparts! Celaena is the exception to the title of this post. I don't need to protect her from the haters - she can handle that just fine.

All of this said, everyone likes different characters - and that's great! Who are your favourite characters that have recieved a lot of hate?


  1. I will join you in the club that protects all of these cinnamon rolls with their lives. ESPECIALLY Alec. I love him so much. And Celeana, though I think she can take care of herself just fine :) love all of these characters so much. great list!
    here's my TTT!

    1. Alec is a gem and must protected! I get very upset when my faves are threatened. Thanks!

  2. Celaena, so much yes. She gets a lot of hate. (and quite a bit of love too) She had glaring flaws but grew into them and wore them like a badge. After a while I found everything I originally hated endearing. My TTT

    1. I couldn't agree more. There are so few YA heroes that are so flawed and complex which is part of the reason the TOG series stands out to me.

  3. I like your take on this week! It's nice to see lists with only love on them :)

    My TTT.

    1. Thank you! Why spread hate when you can spread love? :D

  4. Alec, Gansey, and Celaena are my favorites!

    How could anyone hat Gansey anyway? :)

    Check out my TTT.

    1. Gansey is a cutie AND HE'S NOT ALLOWED TO DIE