Thursday, 27 April 2017

January-April Book Haul

I rarely do book haul posts because I never buy enough books in one month to make a post about it. So I decided to collate my hauls from the first 4 months of 2017 to make this one big post. Turns out I bought wayyyy more books than I thought I did. I might need to set restrictions on myself for the rest of the year!

These were all books that were on my raydar as they'd all caught my attention online beforehand. I'd heard wonderful things about all 3, but it wasn't until I saw them in a charity shop near work that I knew I had to snatch them up. £1 each - an utter steal!

Read it Then Bought it
I have the UK paperback of This Savage Song and read it, but due to a reading slump I really didn't enjoy it like I wanted to. I plan to reread, but even that didn't stop me from buying the US hardcover! I love it much more than the UK one and I needed it in my life because I'm an irrational bean. As for the other 4 books, they were all reads that I TOTALLY ADORED but had borrowed from the library or recived ARCs for. I think buying them was inevitable for me, but I justify it by getting a couple of them second hand (and by having a £10 amazon voucher).

Required Reading
I wasn't a fan of Look Back in Anger although it's the only one of these books I'll be writing an essay on. Hartbreak House made no sense to me and I couldn't bring myself to get past 50 pages of The French Liutenant's Woman. And then there was Cereus Blooms at Night which I hated (it wasn't a bad book but the repeated and graphic rape scenes made me feel sick).

These three books are just those that don't fit in the above three categories. I preorderd A Conjuring of Light and False Hearts, the former I read ASAP and the latter only just arrived but I'm super excited to read. As for The Graveyard Book, I've been meaning to read Gaiman for the longest time, and my friend pressured me into buying it (I pressured her to buy a book I loved in return!)

All together I spent  £56.50 on books this year so far... I think I'm going to chill it for the following months. Especially since I've barely had any time for reading and I have exams coming up. I might stick to getting through these ones first.

Have you read any of these books? What were your thoughts? What do you think I should read next? How many books have you bought so far this year? What books were they?


  1. This is such a lovely haul! I don't think you even want to see how many books I've bought in 2017 so far *laughs nervously* FAR TOO MANY.

    I am so happy to see Nowhere Near You on this list because that book is so beautiful and everyone needs to own it! :D

    I desperately want the US hardback version of Radio Silence because it is SUCH a gorgeous cover. I love the colours. And it's also one of my favourite books of the year so!

    The UK version of This Savage Song is so disappointing so I totally understand you buying the hardback. I pre-ordered the US paperback (it was only $10!), and I'm so excited to get it. That cover has to be one of my favourites :D

    1. Thanks! And no judgement here - there is no such thing as too many books!

      Nowhere Near You was so beautiful that just having it in ebook form was unacceptable. I needed the real thing. I don't want my boys' story to end!

      Radio Silence has such a wonderful US cover and again it felt wrong just to have it in kindle form. I know logically I should've got myself the UK paperback because it's so much cheaper and I find paperbacks easier to read and carry around, but I have a huge cover bias and I loved this one too much.

      The US cover of This Savage Song is also one of my ultimate favourites. From the font to the image of the violin to the colour scheme it just feels so perfectly suited to the book, whereas the UK one feels so plain and clinical like some kind of sci-fi dystopia which just doesn't feel right.