Tuesday, 4 April 2017

My 3 Biggest Fandoms

I don't particularly feel like I'm part of any proper fandoms anymore. This wasn't an intentional shift - fandoms are great! It just sort of happened when I stopped going on tumblr (the fan wars and abuse got too much for me). Don't get me wrong, I'm still a hardcore fangirl. But my enjoyment of things is no longer as community based as it once was. That's why this TTT is just going to focus on 3 of my more recent fandoms that I'm still not over.

The Raven Cycle
Synopsis: cursed kids go hunting for dead Welsh Kings
I think this has got to be my ultimate bookish fandom at this point in time. I keep wanting to reread these books. I go back and read certain passages. I cry over fanart. I refer to the characters as 'MY SONS' - in public. So it's safe to say TRC is going to be that kind of obsession for me. I just want to be a part of that world and be a part of a squad that wouldn't bat an eyelid if they're asked to bury a body, you know? (I kid, I kid... or do I?)

In The Flesh
Synopsis: zombies are rehabilitated, but are ostracised by society
This TV show changed me. It changed the way I think about what TV can do and showed me how fantasy can still be so real and human and genuine. The show only got 9 episodes, and I'm still not over its cancelation. I think the reason I'm still not over this show and what it meant is because it didn't get any conclusion at all, and I still wait for it to be picked up again.

Person of Interest
Synopsis: two men save lives with the help of a machine that sees all
This show. This. Show. I watched all 5 seasons in a matter of months and it ruined me. This is from the minds behind Westworld, with music from the man that composes Game of Thrones. The concept of the show is brilliant, and the characters are just so amazing. Plus the ending. THE ENDING. I legitimately can't get over this show. I listen to the soundtrack regularly. I construct headcanons weekly. I pick up on new things daily. It truly is everything.

These are 3 things that have ended, but I still cannot get over. And I get the feeling that I never actually will, which is simultaneously painful and wonderful.

Some of my older fandoms included:

  • The Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices (ended, and I'm unlikely to read TDA etc)
  • Glee (ended, and was quite frankly a terrible show but obsession, you know?)
  • Teen Wolf (loved everything about seasons 1-3, hated s4 so stopped watching)
  • Once Upon a Time (felt like they ran out of ideas by late s3 - stopped  mid s5)
  • Arrow (I'm continuing, but I got less invested when it got too romance-y & magic-y)
  • The 100 (I'm continuing, but am not as invested in season 4 as I was with 1-3)

Are there any fandoms you're a part of?


  1. I HAVE FINALLY FOUND ANOTHER PERSON WHO LOVES IN THE FLESH. I am also not over the fact that we will never get an ending to the perfection that was that show. I don't understand why BBC cancelled it when it has such an awesome fandom, and it was so, so GOOD. I cry. I CRY.

    I love The Raven Cycle, as well. I really want to re-read it, too. I can hardly believe I have only read it once. What am I doing with my life?

    I haven't watched Person of Interest, but now I am keen! It sounds super interesting.

    I've never hugely been into fandoms, because when I was at the height of my Tumblr love I was a photography Tumblr and didn't even realise there were fandom Tumblrs? I was in the Merlin fandom on Tumblr, though, although that was after the show had finished to the toxicity was pretty much gone by then.

    I was late to watching Free! but I have a feeling I would have dived into that fandom head first because I adore that show. *heart eyes*

    Chiara @ Chiara Sullivan

    1. YES AN IN THE FLESH FAN! My heart hurts so much over this show and I'm forever bitter towards the BBC because of it. Kieren Walker is my precious son and Simon loved him so so much (even though he tried to kill him, but things happen). They're my ultimate ship <3 Also Amy was wonderful and I refuse to believe things are as straightforward as they seemed, but I guess we'll never know. I'm such a sucker for deep religious and political analogies and the in-depth look at mental illness was so excellent. I follow the writer/creator on Twitter and I'm still holding on hope that someone somewhere somehow will pick it up even this far into it ending.

      I am such trash for The Raven Cycle and Person of Interest is so underrated. It's also got the deep political and religious analogies but in an incredibly different sense to how In The Flesh does. Also there are badass women of colour (one of whom is Iranian which I've never come across on TV before so it made me super happy) and a canon queer couple in the later seasons. Basically this show is my weakness!

      I used to be really into tumblr fandom culture but I couldn't deal with the toxicity. It's good that you managed to mostly avoid it because Fandoms can be a very dark place.

      I've heard really good things about Free! I want to get into watching more Anime because I'm a fan of a lot of Western cartoons that take influence of Anime styles and themes.

      Thanks for visiting <33