Friday, 20 October 2017

Latest Love // Voltron: Legendary Defender

In an attempt to give this blog a bit of a fresh start and be producing more content that I love, I'm starting up a new feature.

Latest Love is going to be a series of posts where I talk about a recent obsession. This could be a bookish obsession, but it could also be a tv series, a musician, a musical or even stationery or something as small as a candle - anything that has been making me happy recently that I feel like sharing. There isn't going to be a schedule to this feature, but you'll probably see it pop up on the blog around once a month depending on how often I find something new to obsess over. The important thing about this feature is that it isn't a review. This is just a way of me expressing a few reasons why I like something, and maybe find some more people to talk about it with. 😊

Today I want to talk about Voltron: Legendary Defender - a show I've been adoring for the past couple of months. Lately I've felt that my stress is too much for all the dramatic-action-focused-fantastical shows I usually watch, so I've started to watch more cartoons and comedies. Not that those can't be stressful and utterly heartbreaking in their own right, but I find watching them more uplifting and motivational. Plus there is so much about Voltron to love.

The concept and storyline
Voltron: Legendary Defender is a Netflix animated science fiction series about five space pilots, who work together to form a giant robot in order to defend the universe from the spreading of an alien empire. It's set in the future where humanity has advanced in technology and space exploration, and is all about inter-planetary relations, team dynamics, battles, friendship, and hope. I can't actually describe the concept in a way to do it justice, but it is from the incredible crew who helped make Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra if that helps convince you of how good it is. I have already watched the first three seasons twice in preparation for the fourth one which just came out this month (which I watched in a single day, woops), and there are so many things to pick up on even the second time around. I love when a show doesn't give all the answers immediately, and there are definitely some subtly dragged out mysteries and implications that I'm sure are going to come back when it's least expected.

I never thought I'd watch a show about a giant robot powered by 4 children and a stressed adult yet here we are

The characters and team dynamics
There is not a single character on this show that hasn't been my favourite at some point. They are all so unique with such individual personalities and motivations, and still have so much space to develop into even more complex characters. Group dynamics that consist of mismatched characters with conflicting personalities who grow to see each other as family is my favourite fictional trope (see: The Raven Cycle, Six of Crows, and The Great Library series). History seems to suggest that I'll love anything if it focuses on a friendship-turned-family, or if there's any form of group dynamic present at all, so it's no surprise that I fell for these characters. Plus unlike the 80s Voltron that Legendary Defender is a reboot of, the characters aren't all white. Race, or at least human race, isn't something the show actually addresses, but I like seeing more animation these days where the world is represented realistically, even if it is a sci-fi.

These are my kids - and somehow the universe's only hope

The art (both in the show and by fans)
I really love western animation that takes influence from anime, because for as long as I remember, that has been the kind of art I like to draw myself. I'm not great at drawing (I gave up on it for a long while because I worried it was a waste of my time), but I love to think about the work that goes into animation. The fight scenes in Voltron are especially impressive to watch, particularly when compared to what I would watch when I was a kid. It has been a long time since I last watched a new animated show, and Voltron actually made me want to take up drawing again, which is something I hadn't done in over a year, and something I hadn't done seriously in far longer. I got caught up in other things and totally neglected a hobby I used to really enjoy, and seeing so much stunning fan art made me want to get to a fraction of being that good again.

Keith (aka my favourite after season 4) being more badass than you

Watching Voltron has rekindled my love for animated shows and drawing itself. I don't completely know why, because it's not anything revolutionary or new, but it has a combination of concepts and tropes I love, and reminds me of the shows I watched when I was younger.

What is your latest love? Whatever it is, I want to hear about it! Are you a fan of animated shows or cartoons? What are some of your favourites from when you were younger, or even some of your favourites now?


  1. I do like Voltron! And I especially love the characters (Pidge!), but I just haven't been able to keep up with the series (Season 4 is already out, like that's fast). It's not one of my favorite shows, but it is something I don't mind watching.

    When it comes to TV shows vs. animated, I am definitely more of a person that watches animated shows. I recently started watching Rick & Morty, and I actually love it (which is super surprising to me). But my REAL love is Bob's Burgers. It is kind of my favorite show of all time? I don't watch many other TV shows besides Stranger Things and Jessica Jones, and I think the reason is because they're so long? Animated shows are so short, and that's what really appeals to me!

    I also watch a bunch of anime, or at least I did when I was younger. Now I only watch maybe 1 or 2 currently airing shows at a time!

    Great post! Looking forward to this feature!

    1. The characters are definitely the highlight for me - and I adore Pidge! I agree that it comes out fast, because I've never seen a show release 3 seasons all in one year. I think I read that the creators did that to avoid the 19 month wait that was between season 1 and 2, but still, 3 seasons is a lot.

      I actually don't watch a lot of animated shows. I think my young self was told it wasn't cool anymore, but I've recently started watching quite a few. I did watch the first episode of Rick & Morty but I didn't really click with the humour. I also watched maybe half an episode of Bob's Burgers but I don't remember how I felt about it! I might give both shows another try though, because I do hear incredible things. That you liked them makes me want to give them another chance.

      I can definitely relate with TV shows being too long. If I'm recommended a show that already has 4+ seasons you can almost garuntee I won't be watching it! I agree that the shortness of animated shows is great, because there's time to watch more of them, or at least I can find time for them more easily. (Also I love Jessica Jones and Stranger Things!)

      Thanks Valerie! <3