Friday, 12 January 2018

My 2017 in Movies and Music

Whilst I was writing my post about my year in books, I realised that I also wanted to share my year in consuming other art forms as well. I decided that I would put my TV, movies, and music loves of 2017 all into one post, because 'it isn't going to be that long, right?' Wrong! Whilst reflecting upon my year I found that I had ended up watching and listening to so many more things than I thought I had. My TV favourites ended up being the longest of the three, so that's going into a separate post. But today I've decided to focus on movies and music, and I'm keeping my thoughts short and sweet. 💖


Stranger Than Fiction
My creative writing tutor wanted us to watch this, and I'm surprised by how much I loved it. It's a comedy about a man who starts to hear a voice narrating his whole life, and the voice lets it slip that he's going to die at the end of the story. Meanwhile, an author is trying to figure out how to kill her protagonist. It's not the perfect movie but it's silly and sadder than you'd expect, and it made me really think about the difference between writing a better story versus writing an imperfect story that you'd love.

Hidden Figures
I cannot explain to you how much I love Taraji P. Henson. I first saw her in Person of Interest, and ever since I have been overjoyed at her increasing success. Hidden Figures is based on the true story of the black women who helped the NASA space launch. It is funny, heartbreaking, and beautiful, and it's no surprise that the acting was stunning. This movie made me genuinely interested in science, mathematics, and space - all things I really struggled to enjoy in school. It was truly an inspiring film.

Maybe I watched this a little late, but I can't believe more people didn't talk about it! It's about a rabbit police officer and a fox con artist who uncover the mystery of disappearing animals. It deals with prejudices about the intrinsic natures of animals and in our current society it's so relevant.

A Monster Calls
I finally got to watch this on a flight, and let me tell you, the tiny screen did not make my tears any smaller. You can just tell that Patrick Ness wrote the script because it captures the exact same feeling of the book. Some artistic changes were made, but it was still the book at its core. I loved how it wasn't made into some big Hollywood movie and was beautifully simple and tragic.

All 9 Star Wars Movies
I've fallen into a pit of Star Wars and I can't get out. I'd write about all of the movies if I could but I think that's a post for another time. I watched all the movies this year for the first time, and it might be my biggest obsession at the moment. The original trilogy is brilliant, the prequel trilogy was... okay, The Force Awakens changed my life, Rouge One made me sob, and The Last Jedi blew my mind. I love the characters more than words can say, and I love the complexity of the plot in the recent movies.


The Human Condition - John Bellion
I listened to this album far too many times this year. It was weird on the first listen because the music doesn't always go the way you think it will? Which is something I've never experienced with music before. But that's what I loved about this album. That, and the weird mashing of futuristic sounds and 80s inspiration and an ancient Greek mythology vibe.
Favourite song: Guillotine

A Girl, A Bottle, A Boat - Train
Train is my favourite band (unconventional for a millennial, I know), but I actually hated this album on first listen! But I came back to it a few months later and now I have it on repeat. The band took more of a pop angle for this album, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. But it's still something I can jam to, and I look forward to a hundred more listens.
Favourite song: Lost and Found

After Laughter - Paramore
Paramore's latest album has a summery bubblegum pop tone to it, making it vastly different from their original style. I for one am obsessed with this change. I'm a different person from who I was when I first listened to their music, and it feels like the band changed with me. I especially love that there's a sadness lurking behind the pink. Plus you can still hear what makes Paramore Paramore.
Favourite song: Fake Happy

Divide - Ed Sheeran
I'd almost forgotten about Divide, which you'd think is impossible given that Ed Sheeran is all that mainstream radio plays these days. I haven't listened to this album nearly as much as Multiply, which is still probably my favourite. Every time I hear a new song I don't think he can top it, then he does. Ed is a master songwriter, and it's amazing how many people can connect to his music.
Favourite song: Eraser

A Belle to RememberThis Side of Paradise, and Citrine - Hayley Kiyoko
I discovered Hayley Kiyoko's music this year and honestly I'm in love. I've listened to her 3 EPs so many times and I could probably listen to the forever. Hayley has such a distinct style and you can hear it getting better all the time, and her lyrics are sometimes so relatable. I'm really looking forward to her first album, and if she comes to the UK I would definitely go and see her live.
Favourite song: Gravel to Tempo

What new movies and music did you discover in 2017? What new music/movies are you looking forward to coming out in 2018?

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  1. Zootopia has been really underrated I think. I loved Moana too, but I think it overshadowed Zootopia, which deserved much more attention than it got.