Friday, 19 January 2018

My 2017 in TV

After my posts on my 2017 in books and in movies and music, this will be my final yearly wrap up post. My TV post is almost as long as my book post, which is a shock to me because I didn't think I had watched that much TV this year. It was an interesting, if not slightly alarming reflection on myself and how I spend my time (multiple seasons of 25 shows is a lot of time). I'm thinking that 2018 will be the year I cut down on my TV time by not starting as many new shows, so I can make time to do more of the other things I enjoy.

These are the shows that feature more fantastical and science-fiction-y things. This is maybe one of my favourite book genres, but necessarily my favourite TV genre.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 7
Not my favourite season of Buffy, but it was likable. I loved this show a lot, and I can't believe it took my so long to watch it. It's probably in my top 5 shows, and I know I'll be rewatching it in the near future.

Angel season 1-5
To make up for the loss of Buffy I went straight to watching Angel. It isn't objectively the best show but I adored the characters, new and old. It made me cry just as much as Buffy did, and the conclusion in the comic books crushed my soul.

The 100 season 4
The fourth season wasn't as good as the first 3, but it wasn't bad. I don't remember too much because it's been a while, but I do love to hate a lot of these characters and the choices they make (except Raven, who I'll always love).

Stranger Things season 2
I wrote a whole post about Stranger Things already! The latest season was incredible - I'll direct you to my spoiler-free post on why I love it over here.

This category is fairly self explanatory, although the two shows that fall into this genre are incredibly different.

A Series of Unfortunate Events season 1
Watched all of this on a sick day and was amazed by it's strange wonderfulness. I want to know all of the mystery and more about Lemony and the typed intros and what's going on, and I need to get my hands on the books before the show continues.

Elementary season 5
Elementary has been consistently great even after 5 seasons, and I love the friendship between Joan and Sherlock. I predicted the twist at the end but I'm still shaken by it because it feels like a kind of twist the show hasn't done before. As it looks like the shortness of season 6 will mean it is the last, I am nervously anticipating how it plays out.

These four shows are all based on DC comics. They are all independent shows but once a season there's a crossover (so it's sometimes difficult to watch one and not the others).

Supergirl season 2
This was so much better than season 1! Supergirl is quite an easy watch for me. It's like a rom-com with superpowers and aliens. It tries to be dark at times, but I think it's best when it's not trying at all. My main problem with the season was just that I disliked Mon-El.

Legends of Tomorrow season 2
Of all The CW's DC shows, this is the silliest. But that's actually why it's my second favourite (next to Arrow, of course). Season 1 took little too seriously, but 2 accepted itself for the mess it was and just went for it. Some characters are better than others, but I'm largely in it for Sara. Who doesn't want a team to be lead by a bisexual time-travelling assassin?

The Flash season 3
The Flash this season started to annoy me with Barry's terrible decisions (stop messing with the timeline!) and how every episode someone would walk out of the room with someone else (usually Iris) saying 'I'll go talk to him'. But the whole foreshadowing of a certain death throughout this season was brilliant and made the villain a lot more exciting.

Arrow season 5
This show is one of my favourites, but season 4 was weak. The villain didn't feel threatening, Oliver and Felicity were a constant will-they-won't-they, and magic? Seriously? BUT SEASON 5 WAS BRILLIANT. The show really went back to it's roots. It was like a start-over and a throwback to the brilliance of the first 2 seasons all in one and I loved it.

Galavant is my least favourite of the three because it's more cringey than funny, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Parks and Rec are two of my greatest loves.

Galavant season 1-2
I watched this in a blanket fort when I was feeling down and I still don't know what my reaction was? A knightly comedy musical series is not something I thought I needed but it was funny and cringey how the writers would desperately reach for some rhymes in the songs.

Parks and Recreation season 1-7
This got me through the summer! It was hard to get into at first, but I fell in love with the humour. It's childishly funny and the characters make me feel so motivated to achieve stuff that I'd watch it on the treadmill so I'd run for longer.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 4-5
Ah, the one show that never fails to bring me joy. It's super diverse and the humour is silly and the characters are so distinct and funny in their own ways. I love how the show deals with real issues about sexuality, gender and racism, but is still utterly silly and impossible not to love.

These three comedies are all largely focused on family drama and relationships. They are hilarious, but you might need tissues once a season.

Please Like Me season 4
This is an Australian comedy about an awkward gay guy and his friends and family and their relationships. For such a laugh-out-loud funny show, it made me ugly-cry over it's sincere dealings with mental health and just feeling lost when in your 20s. Please Like Me doesn't give you the happy outcomes all the time, but it acknowledges the weirdness of existence beautifully.

One Day at a Time season 1
Another comedy that made me emotional! It's a sitcom about a Cuban family living in America and I connected to it in a lot of ways. Every episode has a theme behind it and whilst hilarious, it also deals with so many serious issues and does so excellently.

Jane the Virgin season 3
I'm halfway though this season and have not continued for a very good reason. I know what is coming in the next episode and I haven't made myself emotionally ready yet. I don't know if I ever will be. So for now I wait.

These are some animated shows that are utterly adorable. They feature bright colours and cute animation, but they are a lot more than that.

Bee and Puppycat season 1
The rest of Bee and Puppycat was finally released this year! I love this adorably animated show and you can find a lot of it on YouTube. I don't know if the show will continue, but with the dark-ish note at the end I hope it does so I can see things explored more.

Steven Universe season 4-5
This cartoon is the purest thing and it's amazing when it gets plotty! But even when the overarching plot doesn't come into play, there are so many important messages that the show gives.

Miraculous Ladybug season 2
Miraculous is something I'm kind of embarrassed to say I watch because it's very childish (an 11-year-old has told me this). But it's so sweet and there are puns and superheroes in Paris who are in love but don't know it! And from what I've seen of the second season, we're getting more plot!

These are the animated shows that are a little more action focused. There's humour in all of them, but they can also be dark, particularly Young Justice.

Voltron: Legendary Defender season 1-4
I wrote a whole post on what a big nerd I am for Voltron! It's literally one of my biggest obsessions of the year. I'll save repeating myself and send you over to that post here.

Young Justice season 1-2
I'm so glad this show is making it's return this year after so long. It's well animated and well plotted, and you can find my post on it here.

Teen Titans Season 1-5
Another cartoon that I really enjoyed last year! I'm going to write a post on it some time in the near future, so I'll link it here when I do.

These are animated shows I just didn't know how to categorise, so I'm throwing them all at the end. But that doesn't mean they are less appreciated - far from it!

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! season 1-2
Why, you ask? Because it was on Amazon Prime and I was bored, I guess. I think Scooby-Doo has a really interesting format that makes it so lovable (and is probably why the creators had so many other shows with similar group dynamics). Also I was in the mood to write my own Scooby-Doo adaptation after reading Meddling Kids.

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated seasons 1-2
If there is any adaptation of Scooby-Doo you watch, make it this one. It's the first to feature a continuous plot and it draws on such interesting mythology where the monsters may or may not be real. The plot is great and each mystery only makes you want to uncover more.

Yuri!!! on Ice season 1
The only anime I've ever watched and it did not disappoint! It's both a story about someone with anxiety who wants to achieve his dreams, and a love story about him and his coach/skating idol. The music is amazing and the story makes me feel so motivated and happy.

What TV shows did you watch in 2017? What shows are you excited to see come back in 2018?


  1. I don't really watch many TV shows (sadly the CW superhero shows just don't work for me, even though I love Supergirl!). The only one I've religiously watched from your list is Brooklyn Nine Nine, which I LOVED. I didn't really like the end of season 4, but I guess I'll just have to power through until I reach season 5! I also do want to start Young Justice, but I'm not sure how I'll feel about it. I did watch the first episode once, but then never got around to the rest. I just don't want it to replace Teen Titans because THAT WAS MY SHOW AS A CHILD and I'm scared another show will be better hahaha.

    I'm actually interested in watching The Good Place, which was rec'd to me very recently. But other than that I probably won't be watching much!

    1. The CW superhero shows definitely aren't for everyone, but Supergirl is really cute!

      Brooklyn Nine-Nine is probably the show I watch most religiously. Every time a new episode is out I get to it ASAP instead of waiting til the end of the season or when I have time like I do with most shows becuase I love it to pieces! I agree that the end of season 4 wasn't the strongest, but season 5 picks up so much and I think you'll really like it! I've loved almost every episode of the season so far.

      I WISH I had Teen Titans as a child because I know I would have adored it just as much as I do now. Altohugh I think it would have made it ending a lot more painful! If you do watch Young Justice I hope you like it!

      I've heard a lot about The Good Place but I don't really know what it's about! Maybe when I get Netflix again this summer one of my friends will force me to watch it (this has happened with many TV shows which is probably why I watch so much). I hope you enjoy it!