Friday, 18 September 2015

5 Amazing Colour Palettes for Your Book Blog

I recently revamped my blog theme, and what better way to celebrate than giving you a few colour palettes inspired by books! I was inspired when I saw several other blogs doing this and I wanted to try it for myself. You can use these palettes as a starting point for your blog themes, decorating your room or to discover some books with beautiful covers.

'The Assassin's Blade' by Sarah J. Maas
Blue is a welcoming colour and purple is popular among a large portion of bloggers. The palette is subtle and the tones are calming, making it perfect for a blog theme.

'Ink and Bone' by Rachel Caine
Contrastingly, this palatte is vibrant and closer to my current theme. Few people like orange, but if used sparsely it can make a positive yet bold statement that leaves more of an impact than the traditional subtle palettes. Placing the blue tones alongside the orange also reduces the harshness of the overall palette.

'Blue Lily, Lily Blue' by Maggie Stiefvater
This palette is less varied in tones, but can leave just as much of an impact. Green gives off a very natural vibe, but is rarely used in blogging as the general preference tends to be blue. This palette will make your blog stand out whilst not screaming for attention.

'Anne of Green Gables' by L.M. Montgomery
This book cover has a very earthy feel to it which could be perfect for your blog. When palettes are varied like this one, I suggest using white or a pale blue or gray for the main body of your blog theme so that the brighter colours don't dominate the theme.

'A Thousand Pieces of You' by Claudia Gray
This is a beautiful book cover and could make for a very beautiful theme. It takes the calming nature of the blues and contrasts it with a vibrant pink that makes a lovely accent against a white background. If you're feeling artsy, you could even include some watercolour details to your theme.

This was a really fun post, so I'd like to know what you think! Which books do you think would make good blog themes?

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