Thursday, 30 June 2016

June Wrap Up // The End of Exam Madness

I had my exams this month, so I did very little reading. What I did read was mostly kids/middle grade books. I love reading them in stressful times because they're easy going and a good break from exams because they are never too intense.

Reading Wrap Up

Book Haul
  • Vicious by V.E. Schwab
  • This Savage Song by V.E. Schwab

Other Favourites
  • Jane The Virgin - Since I had Netflix I thought I'd finally make a bit more use of it. After finishing Brooklyn Nine-Nine last month I needed a new light hearted comedy to get me through exams - who would've known JTV would be so intense! It's a telenovela so the story is beyond unbelievable, but part of what make's it so loveable is that the absurdity is mocked within the show itself by the narrator. This show knows excatly what it is and embraces it.
  • Firefly - Another show on Netflix (you may be starting to see a trend here). It only got 14 episodes and it starts off a little slow, but is actually a really wonderful show once you adjust. I'm normally a strong believer that genre blends don't work (as you might've realised from my review of Rebel of the Sands) but the writers on Firefly make the Sci-Fi/Western blend work in ways I could have never imagined.
  • Person of Interest - This is the TV show I'm watching post exam madness, because from what my friends told me it was a safe assumption that I'd get addicted. And wow. Everything about POI is total #WritingGoals. Brilliant characters, a heart-pounding soundtrack, and episodes that work as standalones yet still form a magnificent story arc that crosses every single season and never weakens for a second. If you haven't seen this show - do it now. This is the only TV recommendation I'll ever make that matters. The first 3 seasons are on Netflix so there's no excuse. One of the most impressive shows I've seen in a long time.

Post Catch Up


  1. I'm a die hard Firefly fan. It near criminal that Fox canceled it mid-season. But at least there is the movie follow-up Serenity.

    1. I didn't realise it was cancelled midseason - I presumed it was just a short season that didn't get picked up. It's such a shame because it had so much potential and it ended just at the point where I started to really get invested. I've yet to watch Serenity but my friend has a DVD that I can borrow. Hopefully it gives a bit more closure to the story Joss Whedon created.

  2. I too love reading MG books when I need something to destress.

    My brother still talks about Firefly (and he named his 2nd daughter after 2 of the characters).

    I Make a Big (for me) Decision | Sunday Summary #9

    1. Aww that's so cute that your brother named his daughter after 2 of the characters!