Friday, 1 July 2016

How to Master Bookish Photography in 4 Tiny Steps

One thing that really encourages me to read a blog post is a good header image. I personally like to mix it up between typed text and photos I've taken, and I always find that my posts with photo headers look more professional.

Step one
Be in a well-lit room. Natural lighting does wonders for photos and I didn't realise until I started taking more photos how important this was. I normally take mine where the light from a window can shine through and brighten things up. Natural lighting means your photos are less likely to have that horrid grainy look about them.

Step two
Have a nice(ish) camera. If your smartphone has a nice camera then that that is good, but I prefer to take mine with my cute little Panasonic camera. Nothing too fancy - but the quality is much better than a phone. If you want to be a full-time instagram pro then using a phone may be a more efficient method of getting snaps up on the go.

Step three
Arrangement is everything. I prefer a minimalist style, but I like to busy it up if I can so I'm not just taking a picture of a book. I own a lot of flower crowns so they often feature in my pictures.

Step four
If you're using a camera, photoshop will be your saviour. I start with increasing the exposure, then the contrast. Sometimes I add a bit of saturation, then alter the curves. I mess around with all of this until I'm happy, then I sharpen the original image. You can also get a mobile photoshop, but there are plenty of other apps to enhance your phone photography.
Do you have any photography tips? Share them with me in the comments below!

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