Wednesday, 22 February 2017

A Gathering of Shadows // a series that I don't want to end

It takes a really good author for me to fall in love with their characters, their words, and their world in the way that V.E. Schwab had me fall in lover with hers.

The Element Games are nearing - an event where magicians all gather in Red London to showcase their abilities in a competition of skill and ability. But all Kell can think about is the weight now on his shoulders, as well as a young woman with a habit of cross dressing and theivery. As Red London finds itself in celebration, another London rises from the grave.

The Shades of Magic series is not a slow, information-heavy adult series, nor is it a speedy YA that has plot twist after plot twist. And it's amazing - because I thought all good books had to be one or the other - and Schwab shows that in between can be just as mind-blowingly brilliant.

This book somehow felt more connected than the last, with the links between world jumps being clearer as the storylines slowly merged together. It was the fluidity of the book that I think made it even better than it's predecessor.

The world building was beautifully done in book one, which left this book to focus more on the characters - which had me overjoyed. I adored these characters, and wanted to see where their reckless actions took them. Kell develops much more in A Gathering of Shadows, finding himself struggling against darkness whilst desperatly trying to protect those he loves. Plus we see much more of Rhy, who hides his own personal struggles behind his pretty face and false confidence. And then there's Lila, who continues to be as badass as always.
“I know where you sleep, Bard." She smirked. "Then you know I sleep with knives.” 
Reading A Gathering of Shadows had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. It was incredible, and I need book 3. Now.

Warnings: blood, death, violence, self-harm
Diversity Note: genderfluid character and POC bisexual character (labels not specified in book)

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