Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Underwhelming Reads - Books I Thought I'd Love But Didn't

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You know those books that you just assume you'll enjoy? NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING. It only leads to disappointment. Okay, that's not entirely true - but it's better to make absolutely no assumptions so you aren't let down by yourself either.

The language was so thick that it was painful to read, and the ideas about beauty and race made me very uncomfortable.

Literally the definition of underwhelming. There were interesting ideas, but they were not explored strongly enough to be effective.

There was so much potential here for this to be a deep and meaningful story but none of it was delivered. Plus I couldn't understand the characters at all.

Clever concept, but kind of a dud in terms of story. It was just such a generic sci-fi plot, and it ended up feeling like a bunch of strands that weren't fully developed to their potential.

The writing and language was as flat as a pancake with pretty much no craft and no world building. I could forgive it for the first book but not for the rest of the series.

I had to DNF this. There's literally no reason for Marguirette to think Paul killed her parents so the story has no point! Plus the explanations for the sci-fi elements are a joke!

I love Schwab but I just didn't feel this one. It didn't live up to the sheer excellence of her other books. But I was in a reading slump so it needs a reread.

Forgettable story and dull writing. You'd think a Western/Middle Eastern fantasy crossover would be more memorable. Saying there are Sultans and sand isn't enough to make it Middle Eastern.

I wanted to read this for the longest time because the concept sounded brilliant and everything Ness writes always blows me away. But the execution didn't live up to the concept.

I love this podcast, but I don't think it was meant to be converted into a book format. It was too wordy, which works for a 20 minute podcast, but not this.

What books did you think you'd love but didn't? Do you think that expectation was part of made it an underwhelming read for you?

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