Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Fictional Couples I Just Don't Ship

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I'm not big on romance-led stories, but it's no surprise I'm surrounded by them anyway. Truthfully, if I'm into a book or a tv show I'm normally there for the characters or the plot and not really the angsty romances. Don't get me wrong - there are a zillion romantic storylines that have me totally hooked and I ship ALL THE THINGS, but sometimes I'm put off by a romance and other times I simply just don't care.

1. Clary and Jace - The Mortal Instruments
This is one of the couples I just never seemed to care about. Let's be real, most of us were in it for Malec. They did have their moments, but truthfully in books 5 and 6 I didn't really care about Clary and Jace's relationship status.

2. Morgan and Jess - The Great Library
From the reviews I've read this isn't exactly a popular ship, but it seems like the author wants it to be? The Great Library series has some fantastic characters but these two are bland and I just don't root for them or thir drama.

3. Aelin and anyone - Throne of Glass
When people say they're 'in it for the plot' online a lot of the time it's sarcastic. But I'm genuinely invested in the plot of the Throne of Glass series! I couldn't give a care in the world who Aelin ends up with. I need someone to talk to about the actual story with!

4. Alina and The Darkling - The Grisha
I'm really glad with how Leigh totally acknowledged within the series itself that this was an abusive relationship. The Darkling manipulated Alina constantly throughout the first book to make her doubt herself and think she was weak so she'd fall right into his arms.

5. Alina and Mal - The Grisha
I know Mal wasn't anywhere near the Darkling's level of evil, but I didn't like the way he treated Alina. It's like he couldn't accept that she could be strong and still love him, and I hated that he wanted her to choose between two sides of herself and refused to see that she can still be both.

6. Riley and Buffy - BTVS
This relationship to me was a lot like Alina and Mal. For starters, Riley had the personality of a cardboard box. But at least he was able to show Buffy what a normal relationship looks like. What really bothered me with Riley though was that he couldn't seem to accept Buffy was stronger than him. To me that's just who Buffy is, and I hate that she got criticised just because Riley felt inferior.

7. Spike and Buffy - BTVS
This is a really messy one. I really rooted for it initially because I thought it'd be funny, but Spike's obsession took a turn for the creepy (Buffybot anyone?) and from there it got worse. I know he tried to make himself a better man for Buffy, but I can't forget about his past actions regardless of circumstance. Plus ultimately I don't think what the pair had was love - it felt more like lust and lonliness.

8. Willow and Kennedy - BTVS
There wasn't really anything wrong with Willow and Kennedy, but I just couldn't see their relationship working. I'm glad that Willow could find happiness again, but for me I just couldn't see their personalities click the way Willow did with Oz or Tara.

9. Clarke and Finn - The 100
I didn't really care for this pairing, but I did like both characters. That is, until Finn lost his marbles. The show is a lot about survival of the fittest, and I think Finn wasn't strong enough.

10. Clarke and Bellamy - The 100
I used to ship this, but season 3 Bellamy did some things I just couldn't forgive. I know Clarke has done bad things too, but she always does so believing her actions will result in the greatest good. Meanwhile Bellamy's moral compass is based on whoever the most powerful person in the room is, and if his leader tells him to lead a masacre against innocents, that's what he'll do.

Note that these are all totally my own opinions and you don't have to agree with me! (please don't fight me I am smol). Are there any fictional romances you feel like you were supposed to ship but didn't?


  1. Don't diss me (or whatever the current term is) but I'd never heard of "ship" until today!


    1. No dissing here from me! Shipping is a silly little term for when one roots for a relationship (generally fictional). I used it here a lot because it's a lot quicker to say than 'I don't root for this relationship'!

  2. I love your topic! I have to admit that I loved Alina and The Darkling at first. When it became abundantly clear that he was evil I jumped ship. I never really like Mal either. Did you like Nikolai? He was my favorite, but I'm happy they didn't end up together because I want a Nikolai book! :)
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    1. I liked a Alina and The Darkling to start with too. He's definitely more interesting than Mal and I expected him to be another villain turned hero trope. But nope! 110% evil, and I loved that! Nikolai was definitely my favourite too. I think book 3 didn't do him justice and I think there was a lot more of him to be seen <3

  3. I agree with Clary and Jace. I never shipped either of them with different characters, but I was always pretty indifferent to their relationship in the books.

    1. Indifferent is the exact word I'd use for how I felt about them too. Looking back they felt very much like a typical YA fantasy romance set up which is maybe why I wasn't feeling it.

  4. I agree with Clary/Jace and Alina/Mal! I just don't see it. I never cared for their relationships within the books.

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    1. Definitely. Niether couple was particually compelling to read about.

  5. I agree on Morgan and Jess, their romance felt bland to me too. Wolfe and Santi however.....I love those two! I'm in total agreement with you on TOG, I'm not in it for the ships, I'm actually invested in the plot and I would rather read that than the romances!
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    1. I LOVE Wolfe and Santi! They are actually precious <3
      And yes, Throne of Glass has way more interesting things going on than who Aelin is in a relationship with. I feel like without all the romance this series wouldn't need to be so long and have a bigger and better kick to it!