Friday, 8 January 2016

7 Fictional Worlds I'd Love to Live In

Fantasy is an incredibly wide genre, but one consistency within it is that fantasy requires an immense amount of world building. You cannot have a good fantasy novel or television series without an epic backdrop. Some settings are so incredible that you can't help but want to be absorbed into them and live the lives of your favourite characters (just without the whole end of the world, fight to the death and all that jazz). These are my top 7 fictional worlds I'd love to live in:

1. The wizarding world of Harry Potter.
...Most specifically, Hogwarts. Book me a train ticket and I'm gone.
This one is relatively obvious - Hogwarts is simply better than any school reality can provide me with. So what if I would probably be the most useless wizard of all time? So what if there's a high death toll and the occasional shifty teacher? Maybe I'm not supporting my case very well but it's under new management! And Harry was really the root of all the problems, so it ought to be safer now. Probably.

2. The World in Throne of Glass
The fancy place names in the Throne of Glass series constantly confuse me, but Maas makes it sound beautiful. I am obsessed with high fantasy settings and I need to see this glass castle. The architecture must be incredible! Although I have to say I'd be a little scared to live there with the way the King rules.

3. Gravity Falls, Oregon
I would not complain if my parents sent me to a place like Gravity Falls for the summer. I'd get to meet the weirdest of people and the wackiest of creatures. Plus most of the town is blind to the crazy that goes on right in front of their eyes which would give me the chance to explore so many of the town's hidden mysteries.

4. Narnia
The purpose of this list so far seems to be me trying to fulfil my childhood wishes, and Narnia is in no way any exception to this. Everything in this world is so alive. 

5. Central City (The Flash)
I don't know how things are in the comics, but on The Flash TV series, Central City seems pretty awesome. It's much calmer than Star City in Arrow and doesn't seem to be falling to pieces yet. A complete contrast with the rest of this list, Central City is high tech and very advanced. All the tech stuff isn't really my speed, but a place like this would be an awesome backdrop for an aspiring writer. Even though there are some dangerous meta-humans running about, the good guys can catch up to them and make the City a safe place to live.

6. Beach City
The world in Steven Universe has such a calming colour scheme. Everything is so natural and the extraterrestrials are almost all incredibly caring and want to take care of the planet even more than most humans. Living beside the beach is magical enough in itself, so despite the occasional gem monster, Beach City sounds like a really relaxing place to live.

7. Storybrooke
I grew up with fairytale characters, so I cannot even begin to imagine what it would be like living with them in Once Upon a Time's Storybrooke. For a town in the middle of nowhere, Storybrooke gets a lot of visitors from many different worlds and it's a place where even villains get second chances.

What fictional worlds would you run away to if you had the chance? Are they dangerous? Is the danger worth it?


  1. I love the idea of this post! I would love to stop by Storybrooke in my lifetime, and Narnia as well. Especially in the summer months - there is so much life there! The Wizarding World sounds so cool as well ;.;

    1. Thanks! Some of these worlds are described so vividly and are so full of life it's difficult to believe they couldn't be real.