Monday, 15 February 2016

Hamilton Book Tag

I am total Hamilton trash. But at this point, who isn't? If you haven't heard about this revolutionary musical, it's about the life of founding father Alexander Hamilton told in rap form. Sound weird? That's what most people think before they hear it. It's written and stars Broadway genius Lin-Manuel Miranda who also wrote the music and stared in In The Heights, another of my favourite musicals. Even if you hate musicals, listening one song from the Hamilton will be enough to change your mind. I saw this book tag on the wonderful blog Stardust and Words and knew I had to take part! Check out maureenkeavy - the creator of this tag! Without further ado, let us begin!

I adore the world of The Raven Cycle, and if I could be part of the group of Blue and her Raven Boys I would. Chasing ancient Welsh kings, talking to trees in Latin and having freaky psychic powers - that's a world I would love to be in. Plus I love Henrietta as a setting - a quite yet mysteriously magical town sounds like a perfect place to live.

Honestly, I found Clary a little dull in The Mortal Instruments, but Tessa Gray from the Victorian spin off, The Infernal Devices, is such an underrated female character. She doesn't follow people around mindlessly, even when she knows nothing about the world she's been thrown into. I think Tessa is one of the reasons I loved The Infernal Devices series so much more than TMI.Not only does she has super awesome powers, Tessa is more powerful than anyone anticipated.

Celaena Sardothein is such a badass character. It's evident in Throne of Glass that she has a mind of her own and her main priority is herself and getting what she wants. Having said this, she does struggle with knowing what she wants, but by the end of Heir of Fire she knows exactly what she's going to do, and nothing is going to get in her way.

Magnus and Alec are one of the few couples in books that I really root for. When they broke up in the fifth book in The Mortal Instruments series I was so sad. They're the main reason I'm still watching the Shadowhunters series (other than Simon) in the flase hopes that the show will get better with more episodes.
(Note: I deliberately used pictures of the new UK covers because I just love them so much more than any of the other designs).

So I have mixed feelings about Red Queen, and I doubt I'm going to read the rest of the series because I feel like it really lacked in world building, but the main thing that redeemed it for me was that twist. I'll avoid the details, but I should've really seen that coming!

I've marathoned a couple of series, including The Mortal Instruments and The Raven Cycle, but another is Percy Jackson and the Olympains. I marathoned this series during my GCSEs because I knew they were easy reads, and they were good to keep my mind off exam stress whilst also not too addictive that they prevented me from revising.

Normally I find multiple 1st person POVs a bit pointless when there's always the option of having a 3rd person omniscient perspective. But with Seven Ways We Lie it just works. The voices are all very well developed and all completely different to give a new perspective to a series of interlocking stories.

I skipped a couple that I didn't have answers for, but you can see a list of all the questions in the original post. If you're reading this and are a Hamilton fan, I challenge you to do this book tag! Just remember to credit maureenkeavy as the creator of this tag, and please link your own posts in the comments below!


  1. I'm so so happy that you did this tag!!! Spreading the Hamilton love, one post at a time :) I love all of your answers for this, really. The Malec breakup sent me to the tissues, even after reading it multiple times. And I totally agree that they are the only reason I'm watching the (otherwise, questionable) show! I love the actors that play them too!

    I also find Clary dull and frankly a bit tiresome, but I love Tessa so much!!! I like the infernal devices a little better than the mortal instruments, mostly because I love the trio of main characters so much. tessa is bae though <3

    Red Queen is a great twist, I totally forgot about it when I was doing my tag! Love this post, I'm so glad you did it!!

    1. Thank you for introducing me to the tag! Magnus and Alec were SO GOOD in the last episode. Tessa, Will and Jem are forever the ultimate squad and my heart breaks over and over again for their story.

  2. OMG HAMILTON. I let out a tiny scream when I saw this post. I LOVE HAMILTON. (And also In the Heights. I saw it in January, which was amazing!) Like you, I didn't enjoy Red Queen massively, but I know what you mean about the twist. I didn't see it coming at all!

    1. A FELLOW HAMILTON FAN! HI! I adore In The Heights too - anything Lin Manuel Miranda writes is incredible.
      The Red Queen twist should have been so obvious and yet I was shocked! But yeah I was disappointed in the book overall because it felt like I'd read the story before.