Sunday, 31 July 2016

July Wrap Up // reading slumps are the worst

I was the worst reading slump I've ever been in. A month or so might not seem that long, but for an antisocial person with no other plans than to read this summer, it was excruciating. But I'm slowly but surely pulling myself out of it.

Reading Wrap Up

Other Favourites
  • Lisbon Trip (hence all the pictures of books by the beach)
  • Please Like Me (an Australian TV series that is laugh out loud hilarious yet still manages to get me very emotional by how real it is when dealing with the topic of mental health)
  • Person of Interest (A TV SERIES THAT HAS RUINED MY LIFE IN THE BEST WAY IMAGINABLE - please everyone watch this show - it's a kind of crime show about artificial intelligence that is super realistic despite it's sci-fi elements and way better than any of my descriptions can ever justify)
  • Steven Universe (the cutest cartoon ever which is more progressive than any show I've ever seen. Plus I'm a sucker for dumb puns and pastel colours)
Post Wrap Up


  1. That beach looks wonderful. I've never been to Portugal but I did live in Spain for awhile.

    Sunday Summary #13

    1. Oh awesome! Spain is lovely - I've been there a few times. But this was my first time in Portugal and I loved it (it was just very hot!)