Sunday, 14 August 2016

NEW BLOG NAME! (previously Astronomical Books)

I've wanted to change my blog title for a while now, and I've finally done it!

I loved Astronomical Books, but for me the name was always something that sounded cool rather than one that really represented me (plus it's two characters too long for a twitter handle). And after months of thinking up rediculous names, I finally found one that stuck.

There's a couple of reasons I chose Rose Quartz to be part of my blog title, the primary one being that as a kid I was obsessed with gemstones. I bought a book about different types of gemstones and had rediculous pamphlets about their theoretical healing properties. With the book I bought myself a tiny Rose Quartz and I can't explain why, but I just loved it. My ten year old brain found it's very existence magical, and I guess that's how I feel about books now. Obsessions may change, but the obsessive nerd never leaves!

This, along with my intense love of Steven Universe, meant that Rose Quartz Reads just felt right to me. It might take some adjusting, but I think it's going to stick.
What do you think of the new name? I hope you all like it! I've also changed my twitter, instagram and goodreads to have the same name so I'll be easier to find. How did you choose your blog name?

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