Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Movies I need to Watch

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I don't watch a lot of movies - they seem to require an amount of time and patience that I'm not willing to give. But there are a few I think I need to find the time to watch, so I'll try and gather them together for this post.

1. The Matrix
I've heard good things about this movie, plus I need a little more Sci-Fi in my life. It actually came up several times when I was taking Philosophy and Ethics, so the existential theme is something that interests (and terrifies) me.

2. Serenity
The movie sequel to the TV series Firefly. I watched all of Firefly this year and I need closure from it's abrupt ending, so hopefully Serenity will do that.

3. The Shawshank Redemption
One of the top movies of all time, if the lists and people are to be believed. I actually know nothing about it but I figured that if it's rated so highly even a non movie fan like me ought to watch it.

4. Pulp Fiction
Another really highly ranked movie. I feel like half the reason I want to watch it is because of a dance inspired by the movie on Strictly Come Dancing last year that blew me away.

5. Back to the Future movies
I think I've seen most of the first movie, but I'm not actually sure. It's a cult classic and people gasp when I say I haven't seen it so I guess that means I ought to watch it.

6. Studio Ghibli movies
I watched Spirited Away ages ago when I was very young so I don't think I really appreciated it. But I currently have a growing love for animation so I need more in my life.

7. Mockingjay part 1 & 2
The main reason I haven't seen the final Hunger Games movies is becuase I don't actually remeber the first 2. I remeber thinking Catching Fire was excellent, but the effect of the series has worn off on me.

8. Cloud Atlas
I love this book to pieces, so I have to watch the movie. There are some concepts in the book like the string of repeated music that I think would be so glorious on screen, I'm only scared that I'll be disappointed because of the mixed reviews.

9. A Monster Calls
I recently read the book by Patrick Ness and in my opinion the trailer did the book justice. I'm hoping the full movie will do the same, but I'm not looking forward to crying over it again!

10. Up
I missed an opportunity to watch Up when it was released but I've heard it's really heartwarming and sweet, so I think it's worth a watch.


  1. Oh my gosh, I really need to watch The Matrix too! There are so many pop culture references to it - need to watch ASAP! And I'm the same with Mockingjay Pt2! Studio Ghibli movies are ADORABLE - I absolutely loved Ponyo, and I hope you get to watch it soon!

    1. Understanding all the pop culture references is also part of the reason I want to watch it! Everyone sings praises for Studio Ghibli and from the gifs I've seen on tumblr the movies are beautiful. I can't wait to see more of them :)

  2. I get distracted easily or maybe bird is the better word. I don't focus on movies as well as I do on TV shows. Maybe it's the length?

    Cloud Atlas is on my TBR and watch pile. I need to read the book before I see the movie or I'll probably never pick the book up.

    UP is a wonderful movie. Definitely give it a go.

    1. Ugh... bird should be bored. I really need to check my posts before I hit the submit button. My auto correct is on and well, ya.

    2. I'm exactly the same. I can't sit through a 2 hour movie, yet somehow I can sit through a 4 hour TV marathon. My mind likes to tell me it's quicker - and in a way it is since TV has to pack more in each episode. Although the last movie I sat through was Kubo and the Two Strings and that was so incredible I cried so maybe it depends on the movie!

      Cloud Atlas is an unusual read and I know a lot of people who hate it, but ultimately I was so glad I read it and enjoyed it a lot. Plus the movie trailer looks incredible so I need it in my life.

  3. Never watched Pulp Fiction, but I know the dance on Strictly you're talking about and have to admit it intrigued me too!
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2016/11/15/top-ten-tuesday-83/

    1. That dance was rediculously good. Plus I think Pulp Fiction is in the top 100 movies of all time? So I hope it's good!

  4. Ooh, I need to watch The Shawshank Redemption too. And I 'watched' Pulp Fiction, but I fell asleep twice while it was on so I don't really think that counts. And Up is an AMAZING movie, hopefully you'll love it as well. And if you're looking for studio ghibli recommendations: Howl's Moving Castle is so, so good.

  5. I haven't read the Cloud Atlas book, but I wasn't impressed with the movie :/ Shawshank Redemption on the other hand is excellent!

    1. That's a shame. I've heard mixed things about the movie but to be fair the reviews for the book also vary a lot so I might still give it a go. As for Shawshank Redemption I've heard nothing but good things!