Sunday, 27 November 2016

Ms. Marvel, Vol 6 // some big questions - and my favourite so far!

Title: Ms. Marvel, Vol 6: Civil War II
Writer: G. Willow Wilson
Genre: Graphic Novel, Superheroes
Rating: 5 stars
This volume was so enjoyable to read, and definitely my favourite so far. And I had so many doubts! The whole concept behind universe resets really frustrates me (I'm not an big comic reader, sue me), so I've been expecting the 2016 issues to fall short for me. But what I love about this series is that I don't feel obliged to read the other series in order to understand what is going on.

I normally find that I read these comics for Kamala as a character because she's really interesting to me, but this time she was backed by a super strong storyline.

What I loved about this volume is that Kamala actually questions her own morality and adapts it. She isn't following a premeditated code. This is her seeing that things are more complicated than right and wrong. Why are the villains doing what they do? Maybe they need help. Or maybe they’re not in the wrong at all. Kamala’s questioning of what and who she believes in shows that she’s flawed but growing, which I find far more interesting than the typical hero with a strict moral/immoral code that I’m used to seeing.

There are quite a few flashbacks in this volume which were an unexpected surprise, but something I think was needed for the story. I liked to see how Kamala's past and present all connected in a way that didn't feel forced. Plus with her visiting her family in Pakistan it definitely felt like everything came full circle.

There are a lot of ideas in Volume 6 that really grabbed me: the fight to have a good education, the morality of "predictive justice", and being too Pakistani for Americans yet too American for Pakistanis whilst finding a home in both places (something that I can kind of relate to). These are all ideas that tell me I'm absolutely going to be picking up the next volume.

I'll leave you with some great quotes under the squiggles!

"we shouldn’t have to battle to the death just to get into good colleges and not end up a trillion dollars in debt afterward."

"You never know what people have been through. Sometimes people are not at their best. Sometimes families get separated. You should know that better than most."

"A life is a life. You don’t get to decide which ones are collateral damage."

 "If everybody leaves, who’s left to fix things?"

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