Monday, 28 November 2016

Paper Girls, Vol. 2 // weird but kind of wonderful

Title: Paper Girls, Vol. 2
Story: Brian K. Vaughan
Genre: SciFi, Graphic Novel
Warnings: blood, gore, violence
Rating: 4 stars
You can find my review of Paper Girls, Vol. 1 here.

To like Paper Girls I think you need to be willing to accept the weird. And there is a heck of a lot of it.

The art is magical. It's my favourite thing about the series. Even the gory scenes are coloured beautifully, which makes a very complicated mix of me feeling in awe and grossed out. It has a consistent style and a colour scheme like the world is eternally in sunrise or sunset - which really suits the 80s Stranger Things vibe (although I will say I read volume 1 before I watched Stranger Things, so for me, Stranger Things has a Paper Girls vibe!).

The characters are starting to feel more distinguished to me which is an improvement on Vol 1. There's still very much a team feel, but I think separating the characters helped to focus on them individually.

I'm starting to get it a bit more which is great, but I also don't quite know what 'it' is, so there's still a lot of mystery and weirdness. Even though some things seem too crazy to make sense (like the Apple logo being in very strange places on even stranger things) it definitely feels like it's leading to something, and I'm really interested to see what that something is.

Diversity note: black, Asian and Jewish protagonists

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